June 25, 2018

Unturned RP Rules

Unturned Roleplay Rules

Raids – TEMPORARILY DISABLED UNTIL PLUGIN IS FIXED – If you receive a “no permission” response, it’s broken!

For Role list and explanations go here : http://pewpewkittens.com/role-rules-and-explanations/

General Rules

If at any time you need a staff member in-game or in Discord, please respect the order or ranking. TrialMod > Moderator > SuperModerator > Admin

All types of Mods work in-game to regulate rules. Admins work behind the scenes with the community, plugins, and improving the server, but can also regulate in-game if needed. Please, do not ask “Admin! Admin!” in-game for something like a simple question, or something outlined in these rules – it’s why we have them posted and a team of Moderators to enforce them!

Join our Discord by typing /discord in-game to keep up-to-date with the community and Direct Message (DM) staff if needed. Discord = ” Pew Pew Kittens “

  • Do not disrespect players and staff members. Breaking this rule will result in a permanent ban.
  • Do not cause unwanted or unneeded drama.
  • If a KOS situation is a result of your actions or words, you CAN and MAY be Punished as if you committed the KOS yourself, or share the same ban time as the Offender for inciting the KOS.
  • Do not lie to staff members to avoid an increase in your ban time.
  • Do not log off to avoid punishment for breaking the rules. An extra day(or more) will be added to your overall ban time.
  • If you disconnect from the server due to network technicalities, please log back on as soon as possible or let a staff member know in the discord. If all else fails you can make a ban appeal, the link is located in our Discord.
  • Do not troll, harass, stalk, or purposely annoy players.
  • World chat is for RP purpose only.
  • Do not flood/spam any chat, it is a bannable offense.
  • Do not spam TPA players, especially staff members.
  • Messaging in all capitals is not allowed, it is a kickable offense.(bannable if repeated)
  • English only in world chat.
  • You can not teleport out of RP situation (Arresting, Robbing, Etc). This is fail-rp.
  • Glitching under or above the map will not be tolerated and you will be banned.
  • Do not try to use and other glitch or exploit, These can be a perm if not hefty ban! Anything that can be done that would give yourself a benefit or advantage, that is not accessible by normal game means is an exploit! Example: duplicating items, getting into a locked base, falling under map… ect
  • All staff-members on-duty are considered OOC (out of character). They must be ignored from in any RP situation until they are back in character.
  • Creating KOS zones is highly prohibited.
  • Do not place items on the roads or bridges that will block traffic. Vehicels in roads will be destroyed by staff.
  • You may not teleport anyone into or away from a role-play situation (Robbing/Arresting/ect).
  • NO TRAPS OUTSIDE OF BASE! These only cause players to bleed, they may be used in areas that normal players would have to raid to get to.
  • Ranger baiting is not allowed. Ex. Showing off any illegal item in front of a police officer, or any other way of trying to get them to arrest you. This is Fail-RP and you will be banned accordingly.
  • We do not require, but highly prefer, than players match their in-game name to their Discord name, if they become active in the community. This helps staff identify who we are speaking with if we are working on an in-game situation. However, if you own property in a designated safe RP town, matching Discord name to in-game is REQUIRED.

Group Rules

  • GROUP LIMIT: 4! Only four people in a group UNLESS Aloud per role(Ranger,Bodyguard,RentACop)
  • Do not attack players in public if they are in your team.
  • Groups can NOT have a ranger in them UNLESS it is an ALL ranger group.


  • Pew Pew Kittens servers utilize a custom anti-carjack plugin developed by our own developers. It will boot any player out of a vehicle they do not own. Be aware only the vehicle owner can drive.
  • You may not remove vehicle tires with a socket wrench (unless you own it/have owner permission). It will be considered Fail-RP/griefing and you’ll be banned accordingly. You may pop the vehicle tires if it’s permitted in certain RP situations that require the player to stop driving. Ex. Ranger Chase.
  • You may not destroy or damage random vehicles. This will be considered Fail-RP and you’ll be banned accordingly. (vehicles left in the road or blocking a public area may be removed by staff or Rangers, They should attempt to contact the owner in chat to move it before doing so themselves)
  • Two vehicles max per shop or base, NOT BOTH (you may have one at each). If more then one person shares the base, then ONE car per PLAYER.

KOS (Kill on Sight) – take note situations may be slightly different with new Anti-KoS plugin (we’re working on it)

  • KOS is not tolerated and is a HIGHLY bannable offense.
  • KOS is allowed in some instances, like:
    • If a player steals your vehicle’s gas, battery, or unlocks your vehicle with a stealy wheely. You may only defend YOUR vehicle from being stolen. You are not allowed to harm players from stealing any vehicle but your own. BUT If someone steals your Vehicle and gets away, its theirs now.(Gets out of line of site for more then a few seconds. If you find them later on, you may know that was your vehicle, but it is now theirs and you can not do anything about it.)
    • Player(s) damaging your vehicle(s).
    • If a player has entered your base and you’ve given the proper warnings but the player still ignores the warnings, you may then kill that player.
    • If you died and your body has been looted, you may not request players to drop your items unless you were killed unfairly. Please contact a staff member if you were killed unfairly, do not take it into your own “hands.”
    • If a player is robbing/arresting you, you may kill the player in self-defense/resist. You may not kill the player after the event has been called off.
    • If you were attacked (loose of health) by a KOSer, you may defend yourself. After, please contact a staff member, letting them know of the situation. If they only punch you once please ask for a heal, if they refuse or try to run, treat as any other kos attempt!

Warning System

  • Most of the roles will require the warning system. Each role is required to give out three warnings before action can be taken place. The first warning must be displayed in world chat, the other two warnings can be in area chat or voice chat, varying on the situation. This is useful for telling players to get out of your base or shop, but you cant use it for public areas, or buildings you do not own unless you are a “RentACop or Bodyguard” role.
    • [World] [Police Captian]Anomoly: /arrest Rain “Illegal Items”
      [World]Server: Anomoly has issued an arrest warrant on Rain!
      [World] [Police Captain] Anomoly: Warning 1! Hands up & drop all weapons and backpack! Comply or you will be shot!
  • ALL warnings must provide the target’s display name with a few exceptions of Thieves, Kidnappers, and Police. Police and Thieves must use the appropriate commands before giving warnings.
  • If a player enters your vehicle without permission but does not accelerate, you must provide warnings. If the player starts to accelerate, you can instantly shoot the player without giving warnings.
  • PLEASE NOTE! That trying to resist and run from an arrest or rob you may be killed without even a single warning!

Friendly Sentry Gun

  • You may ONLY use Friendly Sentrys! Using the other two sentrys can lead to a ban, and will lead to them being destroyed by staff!
  • The friendly sentry may only be placed within your base. Players cannot be shot from outside of your base at all, breaking this rule will result in your sentry being removed and possibly ban time.

Player-Built Structures

  • YOU MUST HAVE SIGN STATING OWNERSHIP AND LAST LOG OFF TIME! Failure to have a sign present will result in a base wipe! please have the sign INSIDE the building in a window so no one will destroy, Raided basses have 2 days to be rebuilt before wiped due to inactivity.
  • Please leave a sign if you are leaving a base mid construction! if staff cant tell whos it is or if its active it will be wiped all the same!
  • For a structure to be considered a base it must have a claimed bed or cot inside the base.
  • Do not block off large areas of land, putting a wall up over an area MUST be okay’ed by an ADMIN (Borris or Redcoat) not a mod.
  • Floating structures are not allowed. All barricades and structures must abide by the law of physics. All bases must have four pillars supporting it.
  • The maximum size for a BASE is 3(width) x 3(length) x 2(height).
  • The maximum size for a SHOP is 3(width) x 2(length) x 2(height).
  • Mayors, Administrators, and SuperMods may grant players with special build permits for buildings for miscellaneous purposes.
    • These special-permit buildings may not be exceedingly large. They include but are not limited to prisons, nightclubs, malls, and plazas.
  • You may only place Claim Flags in your own base. Claim Flags may not be placed at random locations around the map OR inside City limits (they block other buildings).
  • Buildings that fall outside of the requirements above may be destroyed by Administrators.
  • Each group may have a maximum of one group base and one group shop.
  • DO NOT CLAIM AREAS! Claiming Areas consists of:
    • Blocking off any of the map’s bridges (Not player-made bridges).
    • Blocking off any of the map’s towns (Not player-made towns).
    • Blocking off any of the map’s islands (Not player-made islands).
    • And do not block off anything that’s not yours, such as another players home or vehicle.

Role-Play town Rules

  • All other rules are strictly enforced within RP towns!
  • There is NO robbing and raiding in RP towns – they are safe Role-Play zones. So beware when you leave their safety!
  • Do Not place claim flags! Only owners have the ability to build and it will prevent you neighbors from building within their property. You are in a no-raid zone, don’t worry about it.
  • You MUST be in the Pew Pew Kittens Discord channel and MATCH your in-game name to your discord name or your property is subject to IMMEDIATE removal for Fail-RP. This is so we can contact you if needed for any news about town changes or an issue with your property.
  • You may own ONE role-play town location (earlier rule allows 1 base and 1 shop – choose!) If you are part of a team, you may not run multiple shops with other team mates at the same time. Choose a profession to prevent cluttering.
  • Storage is limited to 8 storage units (wardrobe, locker, etc.) to help reduce lag.
  • Do Not build outside of your owned unit
  • You may only park vehicles inside garages or around the back/sides of property. Please do not clutter the streets/prevent others from driving on them.

Staff Rules

  • When not dealing with a staff-duty situation, you must be off-duty. You may staff on duty as long as you don’t take part in active RP game play. EX: Picking up items, making structures, buying items for personal use. And more, Please also avoid being in the public! If not clearly doing a staff activity, like a sit, and you become involved in an RP situation. You must either comply or pay the robber/raider for the mistake! (2,000)
  • You can not be biased. Seek to understand. Breaking this rule will result in an instant demotion.
  • No staff-member is above the rules. Staff members must follow all rules. Failing to do so will result in an instant demotion.
  • Do not use your staff-rank to gain an advantage in any RP situation.