July 28, 2018

RP Role Rules and Explanations!

Roles Rules and Explanations!

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The Thief roll is the typical “Bad guy” able to rob and raid! Please remember even if you are this roll you must not become too disrespectful! We are all trying to have fun!


Do /rob “name” to rob a player! When robbing you may only demand the backpack (anything that falls from it is yours too) and equipped weapons! ANYONE MAY KILL A THIEF DOING A ROB OR ROB ASSIST!

  • If you demand anything extra The player may refuse, if they comply that is their fault for not knowing the rules themselves.
  • You must use the warning system when demanding items! If they fail to comply you may kill them, but you can not kill them when demanding items other then the ones allowed to rob for! (remember, 3 warnings total!)
  • You may attempt to demand money from the player in addition to the items, But can not kill them for the money, You also may, with the players agreement, take money instead of ANY items, you cant take money then demand items, this will lead to a ban!
  • Use /rob Assist “name” to help a rob! Doing this counts as a Rob and you will have a 30Min Cooldown before you may /rob or assist. Getting caught trying to loophole this is a fail rp and even KOS ban.
  • Do /Rob to finish the rob!  Failure to do so may lead to a kick/ban, and sense anyone can kill a thief doing a rob you may even be fairly killed!

Raids: Currently broken, sorry ><‘

Do /raid “Location” to start the Raid timer! (2mins) after the timer you may break into the base and get the loot! Please note when describing a location or base you must make it easy to tell witch on it is and where and must use “” around the description EXAMPLE: /raid “2x3x2 metal and wood base on kill over tacoma” OR Use the sign stating the players that own said base, EXAMPLE: /raid “Billy and johns base over tacoma”

  • When the raid timer is over you may kill anyone within 50 Meters of the base! DO NOT USE THIS TO MAKE A KOS ZONE!
  • You must be actively raiding, and within the raid location or the raid is over! Destroy all you need to then call it over!
  • Rangers may be shot within 75Meters of the base!
  • To assist do /raid assist “NAME OF RAIDER” So if Borris called the raid anyone assisting uses /Raid assist “Borris”
  • If the main raider dies (“Borris” using the example above) then everyone else must stop raiding as the raid is over!
  • Assisting a raid counts as a raid and has The same cooldown! Meaning if you raided, you can not assist untill the cooldown is up and vice versa!
  • Use /raidover to call over the raid! Failure to do so may lead to a kick/ban!



Rangers Try to keep the bad out of society, They will arrest anyone caught with a ILLEGAL GUN OR ITEM Or even KOS a player seen with a TERROIST ITEM! Rangers main goal is to keep the peace!

  • Arresting: A ranger may Arrest a player for having an illegal gun (any gun able to raid) And confinscate said gun.
  • Rangers are the only role able to Own illegal guns But only when active as a Ranger.
  • Raiding: Rangers may raid a base with enough evidence that the base contains illegal or terrorist level items, But Must get the okay from a Ranger Chief, and have Swat AND a Ranger chief Present at the raid. Evidence must be SHOWN! Use screenshots or if the items are visable get the chief to see them! False raiding will lead to removal of role and even ban. (please note Evidence of these items can lead to a raid of a base with no items, Even if stored for only a moment)
  • Rangers may Sell Illegal items to a chief for money, but can only buy a limited stock for use.
  • Civilians! You may turn in illegal items to a Ranger for a reward!
  • If a player is caught being disruptive a ranger may arrest you and put you in a cell to cool down! Dont be that guy!

Ranger raids:

Like a thief raid, but meant to secure items labeled illegal!

  • During a ranger raid they may not kill players unless In the immediate area, 10 meters around the base.
  • Thief’s may NOT defend a base they dont own! A thief’s number one is themselves, dont get involved, it will count as kos!
  • Ranger MAY NOT take unnecessary loot from the raid! You will be expected to place crates with leftover loot back into the base and block it back off with a sign informing the owner Rangers raided it. THIS IS MAINLY A CHIEFS RESPONSIBILITY! Failure to enforce this Can lead to demotion, Removal of role, and even a ban!


A swat member is Basically a Ranger but expected to mainly be used in the raids of suspected Illegal item bases! They are on equal terms as a Ranger EXCEPT when Doing a raid they are then above the basic Ranger.


The builder role is used to make bases or sell base related items such as windows to players!

  • May build or sell items for bases to a player!
  • May be hired by a Mayor or other rule for larger building projects!
  • May not abuse their role to try and false raid, this leads to a larger false raid ban then normal.


Helps those in need! Go to a doctor for all your medical needs!

  • May buy and sell Medical supplies!
  • Can buy Medical related Vehicles!
  • Usefull to bring on raids or supply a large group with meds!


There are three tiers of Dealers for getting Weapons or clothing! Civilan, Military and Black market! All of them sell attachments!


  • Sells or buys lower tier clothing and weapons
  • Civ weapons tend to be single fire semi, and a rare few of low end sub machine guns.
  • Anyone can be this role! 😀


  • Sells or buys middle tier weapons
  • mili weapons tend to be Auto fire weapons, But nothing you can do a raid with!


  • Can buy and sell high tier items used for raiding.
  • Uses illegal weapons and items that can be confiscated by Rangers!


Mechanics are good for gas, tune ups, and lower end vehicles!

  • These are the people that sell the main vehicle items! Steely wheelies, Gas, blowtorches and Tires!
  • Should own the mechanic shops!


These fellas want to talk you into that four door sedan thats great for the whole family!

  • Sells higher tier or Exotic vehicles But nothing Military.

Army Surplus:

One stop shop for all your Mili grade Gear and rides!

  • Sells all those mili rides! APC, URAL, AND MORE!
  • Also sell alicepacks, vests, Nightvision and more!
  • Doesn’t sell any guns. Well unless you like the old stuff, Mp40, luger, Callingcard ext.


You ever wonder where all that produce comes from? Me either…

  • Sells produce.
  • Makes farms.
  • Smell like cow poo.


Wait dont we already have the farmer?

  • Sells Ready to eat foods and drinks!
  • Special! Buys fish to make a player and themselves a little extra money!
  • Big knife.


Ever wanted to be a bodygaurd or secret agent? Well now you can! But like… lower grade and less respect!

  • May be hired to guard a shop and help keep the rif raf out!
  • May defend the building they are hired to guard from raids
  • Can issue warnings on behalf of Owner.
  • May NOT do anything outside of their shop You are not guarding a player, just the building they pay you to.
  • 30min Intervals, Standard pay should be 500 per 30 mins, but may be discussed per job.


Defend a player!

  • May do all things a Rent a cop may, But double the standard rate (1000 credits per 30 mins)
  • Also may follow a player and guard them actively from others!
  • May Assist in a rob, Arrest, or even a raid with no cooldown, but never call one!
  • Can kos a Ranger arresting their owner, but do you want to fight the law?


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