August 22, 2018

Semi-RP Roles and Weapons List

Pew Pew Kittens Unturned Semi-RP Roles and Weapons List

Semi-RP is a combination of Role-Play and Player versus Player. There are designated Safe Zones for the community to buy and trade with one another. Residential communities and shops within the Safe Zone are protected from all outside damage, raids, etc. Once you venture outside the Safe Zone, there are zombies and other players you must defend yourself from. Each Role has specific benefits in what they can buy and sell. Live a life of crime and theft to earn enough money or trade your way to the top. Purchase property in the exclusive Safe Zones to rest in peace after a hard day’s hustle and never be raided while offline. 

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Each role can /buy and /sell specific items to their role. You can become a mechanic and sell vehicles for money, or become a bandit and sell all of the egar you kill for to gain your fortune. Each Role has benefits and downsides, how will you get ahead?


-The current role cool-down is 1 hour-

-Every role has it’s own /kit (RoleName)-

-Every Role has access to /kit XP , /kit food, and a /kit payday for emergencies-

Change roles with /role (name)


The weapon list is at the bottom!



Combat based roles:



  • Police have access to Ranger weapons, police gear and and some higher end automatic weapons as well as some explosives.
  • They are able to sell explosives and Mafia weapons back to the shop!
  • Can buy attachments and all types of ammo.
  • Police are the natural enemy of Bandits and Mafia!


  • Can buy bunker-busting raid weapons and explosives.
  • Can sell ALL items at ALL TIMES!
  • Benefits of the Mafia include 500 credits per-kit use and the ability to sell ALL items.
  • This role is WHITE LISTED and you must talk to a Mafia Don to join.
  • Can be a /role and use their buy permissions as a cover whilst in the Mafia!


  • Can buy/sell most civilian level weapons and civilian clothing.
  • Civ weapons tend to be single fire semi, and a rare few of low end sub machine guns.
  • Can buy attachments and all types of ammo except HMG (Police and BMD).


  • Can buy/sell middle-tier weapons, long rifles in semi and some automatics.
  • Mili weapons tend to be automatic fire weapons, But nothing you can do a raid with!
  • Can buy attachments and all types of ammo except HMG (Police and BMD).

       Army Surplus:

  • Can buy surplus weapons alice packs, night vision, military style equipment and clothing.
  • Doesn’t sell any guns. Well unless you like the old stuff, Mp40, luger, Callingcard etc.
  • Can buy attachments and all types of ammo except HMG (Police and BMD).


  • Can buy bunker-busting raid weapons and explosives.
  • Can buy all ammo and attachments.


  • The civilian version of Mafia, not white listed.
  • Bandit roles can sell EVERY ITEM in the game. But cannot buy a single weapon (there is a kit weapon however).
  • Leech off of other players for guns and gear to sell or use for yourself!
  • Can buy attachments and all types of ammo except HMG (Marshalls and BMD).

Civilian Roles:


  • Builders have access to all structures, barricades and storage units, etc. Chainsaws, pickaxes, and blowtorch.


  • Can buy/sell all medical supplies!


  • Mechanics can buy/sell mechanic style items to the shop.
  • Mechanics can buy ALL vehicles! Go to them for any form of transport.


  • Can /buy all farming materials and certain crops.
  • Make special food items after buying ingredients to make some quick money from roles who can’t buy food.


  • Sells Ready to eat foods and drinks and can buy all ingredients.



ItemID              Item Name           Role / Magazines or ammo ID
4                      Eaglefire                Civ 6,17
18                    Timberwolf            BM 18
97                    Colt                        Civ 98
99                    Cobra                     Civ 100,1006
101                  Schofield                Civ 103
109                  Hawkhound           Civ 111
112                  Bluntforce              Civ 113
116                  Honeybadger         Military 6,17
122                  Zubeknakov           Military 123,125
126                  Nykorev                 BM 127
129                  Snayperskya          Military 130
132                  Dragonfang           BM 133
297                  Grizzly                    BM 298
300                  Shadowstalker        BM 301
363                  Maplestrike            Military 6,17
380                  Masterkey               Civ 113
488                  Desert Eagle           Civ 489
519                  Rocket Launcher    BM (HIGH COST) 520
1000                Matamorez            BM 1003,1005
1018                Sabertooth            Civ 1010
1021                Avenger                 Civ 1022
1024                Peacemaker           Military 1026
1027                Viper                      Civ 1029
1037                Heartbreaker         Military 6,17
1039                Kryzkarek               Civ 1040
1041                Yuri                        Civ 1042
1143                Sawed-off              Civ 381
1360                Teklowvka              Civ 1361
1362                Augewehr             Police 6,17,123,125
1364                Hells Fury              BM (HIGH COST) 1365
1366                Vonya                   Police 1368
1369                Bulldog                 Military 1371
1375                Fusilaut                 Military 6,17,123,125
1377                Nightraider           Military 6,17
1379                Calling                  Surplus 1381
1382                Ekho                     BM 1384
1436                Quadbarrel           BM 113
1447                Scalar                    Military                1449
1476                Luger                    Surplus 1487
1477                MP40                    Maschinengewehr Surplus 1479
1480                Determinator        BM 113
1481                Empire                  Military 1483
1484                Devil’s Bane          BM like vonya 1485
1488                Swissgewhere       Military/Police 6,17,123,125,1490
1011                Backlash                Police 113
1013                Chimera                Military/Police 6,17,123,125,3513
1018                Kopis                     Civ                3516
1023                Lockdown              Police 3523 ONLY

—Ammo (Ammo and Magazines CANNOT be sold back, only bought)
Type                                      Role
44 Low Caliber Civ Box                All
43 Low Cal Military Crate            All
1192 High Cal Military                All
119 Low Caliber Ranger             All
1193 High Cal Ranger                All
1395 HMG box                           BM/Police
113 12 Gauge Shells                  All
381 20 Gauge Shells                  All


Item ID / Name                                    Role
73 Raw                                                 BM
254 Fragmentation Grenade                BM/Military
1100 Sticky Grenade                            BM/Police
1520 Impact Grenade                          BM
1101 Landmine                                    BM/Police
1102 Claymore                                    BM/Police
1346 Flashbang                                    Police


  • Can be bought by all Arms-dealing roles!

149         Military Barrel
150         Military Muzzle Weapon
144         Ranger Surpressor Selling
145         Horizontal grip Roles)
143         Bipod
8             Verticle Grip
296         16x scope
153         7x scope
21           8x scope
1363       Augewehr scope
476         Makeshift Scope
148         Chevron Scope
22           Cross Scope
146         Dot sight
147         Halo sight
1004       Kobra sight
1007       Adaptive chambering
1438       Bayonet
1008       Rangefinder
151         Tactical Laser
152         Tactical Light
1477        Makeshift Muffler
7              Military Suppressor


1169        Spec Ops Vest                                 Police
1170        Spec Ops Rucksack                          Police
1171        Spec Ops Top                                   Police
1172        Spec Ops Bottom                             Police
1389        Spec Ops Beret                                 Police
1504        Pickelhaube                                      Police
1505        Kaiser Top                                         Police
1506        Kaiser Bottom                                   Police
307          Forest Military Top                           Surplus
308          Forest Military Bottom                      Surplus
309          Forest Military Helmet                      Surplus
310          Forest Military Vest                          Surplus
1009        Desert Beret                                     Surplus
1010        Desert Military Helmet                     Surplus
1011        Desert Military Top                          Surplus
1012        Desert Military Bottom                     Surplus
1013        Desert Military Vest                          Surplus
3525        Omega Uniform Bottoms                 Surplus
3526        Omega Hoplite Top                         Surplus
3527        Omega Captian Top                         Surplus
3528        Omega Batallion Leader Top           Surplus
3529        Omega Colonel Top                        Surplus
3530        Omega Brigadier Top                      Surplus
3531        Omega Beanie Cap                         Surplus
3532        Military Beanie Cap                         Surplus
3533        Omega Uniform Top                       Surplus
3534        General Top                                     Surplus
1333        Russian Miltiary Top                        Surplus
1334        Russian Military Bottom                  Surplus
1335        Russian Military Helmet                   Surplus
1336        Russian Military Vest                       Surplus


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