Pew Pew Kittens’ Unturned Semi-RP Rules

For Role list and explanations go here :

If at any time you need a staff member in-game or in Discord, please respect the order or ranking for the nature of your issue.

TrialMod > Moderator > SuperModerator > Admin

All types of Mods work in-game to regulate rules. Admins work behind the scenes with the community, plugins, and improving the server, but can also regulate in-game if needed. Please, do not ask “Admin! Admin!” in-game for something like a simple question, or something outlined in these rules – it’s why we have them posted and a team of Moderators to enforce them!

Join our Discord by typing /discord in-game to keep up-to-date with the community and Direct Message (DM) staff if needed. Discord = ” PewPew Kittens “


Semi-RP is a combination of Role-Play and Player versus Player. There are designated safe zones for the community to buy, sell and trade with one another. Residential communities and shops within the Safe Zone are protected from all outside damage, raids, etc. Once you venture outside the Safe Zone, there are zombies and other players you must defend yourself from. Each Role has specific benefits in what they can buy and sell. Live a life of crime and theft to earn enough money and purchase property in the exclusive Safe Zones to rest in peace after a hard day’s hustle.

Commands available to all Roles and Players:

  • /rules – The most important command of them all!
  • /p  – Shows all permission you have in-game, including your current Role permissions and Kits available.
  • /roles – Shows all roles!
  • /role (RoleName) – Changes player to the named role. Do this again to change role!
  • /roleguide – Open our guide to Roles!
  • /kits – Shows all available kits!
  • /kit (name) – Summons kit!
  • /tpa name – Send a TPA to a player!
  • /tpa accept – Accept a TPA sent to you (type /tpa a to do it quickly)!
  • /tpa deny – Refuse a TPA from a player!
  • /tpa abort – Stop a current TPA you have sent!
  • /home – Teleports player to their bed (must have a claimed bed or cot)!
  • /buy ID – Buy and Item. You can use “quotes” if using the item’s name such as /buy “Desert Falcon” or use /buy 488!
  • /sell ID – Sell and Item. You can use “quotes” if using the item’s name such as /sell “Desert Falcon” or use /sell 488!
  • /cost ID – Check the cost before you buy!
  • /costv ID – Check a vehicle’s cost before you buy!
  • /buyv ID – Buy a vehicle (you must be a /role mechanic)
  • /discord – Join our discord!
  • /balance – Show’s players current credit balance of in-game money for /buy, /sell, and to barter with other players!
  • /staff – Apply for staff!
  • /pay PlayerName amount – pay a player money! Ex:   /pay Redcoat 500
  • /rlist – Lists the Safe Zones!
  • /warp LocationName – Warps you to the named area!
  • /vault – Basic vault for all players.
  • /vault member – Upgraded vault available to all Safe Zone members.

General Rules

  1. Do not disrespect players and staff members. Breaking this rule will result in a permanent ban.
  2. DO NOT “server hop” to gain a PvP advantage or enter people’s bases. When you log out on a LINKED Semi-RP server, you will spawn in the same spot in the other server. Players caught abusing this through a log check will be banned PERMANENTLY.
  3. Do not cause unwanted or unneeded drama.
  4. Do not troll, harass, stalk, or purposely annoy players – take it to the PvP zone if you have an issue to settle.
  5. World chat is for gameplay chat only. Please Speak English.
  6. Don’t use ALL CAPS.
  7. Please do not advertise, talk about religion / sensitive topics, or have personal conversations in the World Chat. Use a third party voice or chat channel or group chat.
  8. Don’t spam. I mean, c’mon.
  9. Do not spam TPA players, especially staff members.
  10. Do not deceive or trick other players into TPA’ing you and then killing them. We can check logs and see what you say, when you accept, and when you kill them. If you wish to trade, go to a safe zone. Directly teleporting to a player risks them being outside the safe zone and them killing you. Use your whits.
  11. Dot not trick people to giving money for a sale and then log out or not give them the item. They will message staff or an admin and we have to follow up and deal with a petty sale trick for 1k.. don’t annoy the staff by tricking players.
  12. TPA’ing out of combat is NOT against the rules. We cannot enforce a player’s intent through a log check, only what they do. They may be about to /home, /warp, or /tpa a friend and you shoot them as soon as they hit enter. They did not mean to leave combat, it was just bad timing. if you engage a target, kill them, or it’s on you.
  13. Don’t ask staff for items or weapons, especially Admins!. The player community is the source of trade and commerce in PPK servers, not staff.
  14. Messaging in all capitals is not allowed, it is a kickable offense (bannable if repeated).
  15. Glitching under or above the map will not be tolerated and you will be banned.
  16. Do not glitch or exploit. Anything that can be done that would give yourself a benefit or advantage, that is not accessible by normal game means is an exploit! Example: duplicating items, getting into a locked base, falling under map… ect
  17. Do not place items on the roads or bridges that will block traffic. Vehicles left on roads will be destroyed by staff.
  18. We do not require, but highly prefer, than players match their in-game name to their Discord name, if they become active in the community. This helps staff identify who we are speaking with if we are working on an in-game situation. However, if you own property in a designated Safe Zone, matching Discord name to in-game is REQUIRED.

Group Rules

  1. Group limit of 6 players!
  2. There may not be more than 3 staff members on one team.
  3. Do not attack players in Safe Zones if they are on your team! It confuses staff and annoys players around you or makes them jumpy. Plus, you are punching/harassing in a SZ, that’s against the rules too!
  4. Groups may live in bases together as long as the bed and storage limit per building is not abused (4 occupants).


  1. Steelie Wheelies are BLACKLISTED. Vehicles will AUTOMATICALLY unlock if not occupied for 3 days; 259,200 seconds! Socket wrenches are also blacklisted.
  2. You may not destroy or damage random vehicles or their tires in the Safe Zone. (vehicles left in the road or blocking a public area may be removed by staff )
  3. A player may own up to 2 vehicles. It is your choice if it is 2 land, 2 air, 2 sea or a combination of them.
  4. You must have a sign with the owner’s name and last log-off date on your vehicles. It prevents theft and helps staff see that they are not random or abandoned.
  5. Using a carjack on a vehicle that is not yours is considered griefing unless you are asked to help out by the owner or they are present. Staff may jump on you if not.
  6. DO NOT place storage on your vehicles. Use the trunk only.
  7. DO NOT place more than 6 objects on a vehicle (Don’t forget your owner sign counts as 1!!!)
  8. NO MORE than 3 light emitting objects are allowed on a vehicle (spotlights, cage lights, torches and campfires)

KOS (Kill on Sight)

  1. When outside the SafeZone, Killing on Sight (KoS) and Random Death Matches (RDM) are legal! Shooting at players, griefing, punching, harassing, or any form of taunting or attempt to kill inside the Safe Zone may result in ban time. Players seek refuge in the Safe Zones for re-arming and gear checks, don’t harass them. Take it outside!

Player Built Structures

  1. Structures outside must still have a sign of ownership and log-in date and within the base size limits (2W x 3L x 2H maximum) and appear to be maintained to avoid being wiped! “Gutted bases go!”
  2. Do not block off areas of land or resources that players will use! Ex: Do Not build a curtain wall around the gas station/gas tanks that players will need to fill up vehicles.
  3. Floating structures are not allowed. All barricades and structures must abide by the law of physics. All bases must have four pillars supporting it.
  4. The maximum size for a BASE is 2(width) x 3(length) x 2(height) and has a storage limit of lockers/vaults/units/etc (anything that holds items) of 5 PER PLAYER, and 5 racks or display cases.
  5. Do NOT build bases within +/-50 meters in-game of a Safe Zone! This counts as camping/lingering around a SafeZone.
  6. Buildings that fall outside of the requirements above may be destroyed by Administrators.
  7. DO NOT CLAIM ENTIRE AREAS! It prevents players from finding loot Claiming Areas consists of:
    1. Blocking off any of the map’s bridges (Not player-made bridges).
    2. Blocking off any of the map’s towns (Not player-made towns). Ex: a curtain wall around Heritage Valley
    3. Blocking off any of the map’s islands (Not player-made islands).
    4. And do not block off anything that’s not yours, such as another players home or vehicle. Players who place plates over doors they don’t own will be /checkowner’d and BANNED.

    Safe Zone Rules
In-game command /szmap

  1. Rules are strictly enforced within RP towns! They are areas for peaceful play!!!!! Breaking rules in Safe Zones will lead to a swift ban or being evicted if you own property!
  2. YOU MUST HAVE SIGN STATING OWNERSHIP AND LAST LOG OFF TIME! Failure to have a sign present will result in a base wipe if you do not respond to us within 24 hours in Discord! Building rights in the Safe Zones are of VERY high demand. If you do not maintain it well, or have not logged on in 7 days, it will be WIPED and your property rights (40 per zone) can be sold to another player.
  3. There is NO robbing, raiding or killing in RP towns – they are safe Role-Play zones. So beware when you leave their safety!
  4. Do Not place claim flags! Only owners have the ability to build by being added to the owner’s group and it will prevent your peaceful neighbors from building within their property. You are in a no-raid zone protected by coding, don’t worry about it.
  5. You MUST be in the Pew Pew Kittens Discord channel and MATCH your in-game name to your discord name or your property is subject to IMMEDIATE removal. This is so we can contact you if needed for any news about town changes or an issue with your property.  You must DM Redcoat or Garret for the North, and Snarfield or Genocidal for the South to set up purchasing a property.
  6. DM the person you bought property from if you change your name so we can update the document!
  7. A player may own 1 Safe Zone Property. The Garage must be included WITHIN the floor footprint of 2 Width X 3 Length
  8. Park vehicles inside garages or around the back/sides of property. Please do not clutter the streets/prevent others from driving on them.
  9. Do Not place traps or barricade structures that deal damage outside of your base.
  10. If the owner of a building WITHIN the Safe Zone asks you to leave in voice chat or in-game chat, you MUST vacate under penalty of ban time. You can’t be killed because it is a safe zone, don’t abuse it!
  11. Do Not use sentries INSIDE the Safe Zone, they won’t be able to kill anyone and they will be obnoxious. Outside the Safe Zone you may use any kind you wish.
  12. Do Not camp the outside of a Safe Zone waiting for players to leave. After a warning, this will result in a ban! Players inside the zone cannot shoot out, and players outside the zone cannot kill those within. It is coded this way. Do not linger around or taunt players. Try to get 50 +/- meters away from town before engaging in combat.
  13. Players may have 5 rifle racks or trophy cases per player in their base.
  14. Don’t build in, around, or block off Non-Player built structures. We can’t say this enough…. people need to loot for the RP aspect of the server. Don’t do it. You’re annoying.
  15. A building may have NO MORE than 3 light emitting objects (torches, cage lights, campfires, and spotlights)
  16. Do not place more than 5 signs (not counting your plot sign) this is to reduce lag and stop the other signs like Safe Zone boundaries and rule signs from not displaying. Too many signs in a zone and they go blank/don’t render.

Staff Rules

  • When not dealing with a staff-duty situation, you must be off-duty. You may staff on duty as long as you don’t take part in active RP/PvP game play. EX: Picking up items, making structures, buying items for personal use. And more, Please also avoid being in the public! If not clearly doing a staff activity, like a sit, and you become involved in an RP situation. You must either comply or pay the robber/raider 3000 credits for the mistake! Same goes for accidentally being in God-Mode during PvP play. You must pay 3000 credits to the person who shot at you, or to EACH PERSON YOU KILL!
  • Staff members do their best to understand the situation. Please refrain from yelling in voice chat when we try to speak to those involved. Yelling and making it harder for us will only make the other side’s case stronger when you act poorly.
  • No staff-member is above the rules. Staff members must follow all rules. Failing to do so will result in an instant demotion.
  • Do not use your staff-rank to gain an advantage in any situation.
  • Staff may remain on duty within the safe zone to regularly assist players and give advice, etc. However, do not barter or trade / act as a player if on duty.
  • Staff may NOT engage in PvP while on duty!