Welcome to PewPewKittens Unturned Factions

Factions is a server where players can farm up money and eventually get a Faction base! Go alone and gather allys along the way or group up with friends and grind to your own faction base.

First lets cover some basic rules.

  • No punching or micspam in the safezone, PERIOD.
  • Do not camp the safezone or pvp in the first area “cotentin arsenal” Anywhere else is free game.
  • Be careful of the zombies, they are harder then you may be used to.
  • Dont spam chat, or saying anything discriminatory, we are all gamers here, skin age, gender, ect. none of that matters.


The safezone is located on the island closest to Cotentin arsenal, Get there by using the command “/warp safezone” Be carefull as there is a 10 second delay and you cant move while waiting.

In order to get a safezone home you need to farm up 20,000 scrap (the money in the game not actual metal scrap) and contact Borris your Faction Admin in discord for a home.

Storage is limited in the safezone! You only get 6 metal wardrobes and 10 metal rifle racks to use, even if you share your home the limit does not change.

There is a limit to vehicles in the safezone! Only 2 vehicles allowed active for a home and 1 “admin stored” vehicle, Also you may put up to two vehicles for sale in the safezone, check the ads on the bridge to buy one!

Admin storage is when the admin destroys the vehicle and takes the scrap them makes a sign stating the vehicle you stored, the downside is you will need to contact an admin to get it back, and can not do so if it will go over your limit.

If you do not own a home you may keep a single vehicle in the safezone, the parking is in the back.

Vehicle storage, For now it has to make sense, meaning if you have a van or truck, you can put lockers in the back as long as the fit, but not on to roof or other areas that dont make sense, if you are unsure as Borris if he will allow it.

Faction bases

Faction bases are the official establishment of a faction, They cost 100,000 scrap to buy (Contact Borris) and are fit for 3-4 people and are full of benefits such as the ability to buy and sell more items then normally aloud, personal faction kits, Faction vehicles and more, but please note each faction receives different benefits and the faction must follow their own style, if you dont play like your supposed to for a faction there will be punishment.

Be careful, foolish players may try to kill you in your faction base, although not wise it is aloud.

Some styles of a faction are:

  • Mercenary: A faction that for pay will do things for another, such as body guarding, assassination. This faction may fight others freely but shouldn’t be too gun ho and shoot everyone they see. They help others, for a price.
  • Traders: This faction is meant to buy and sell, using vehicles as mobile shops or supply runs these guys dont look to shoot first, but can defends themselves, they monopolize items for their group so they can make money.
  • Bandits: A bandit group isn’t always smiled apon, typically they shoot first and are shot on sight, the only thing these guys want is to kill for loot, and never share.
  • Helpers: A helper faction is the polar opposite of a bandit, They offer help freely for the most part but sometimes they will need payment.

A faction can grow in two ways, they can upgrade their size to large or can adapt a second trait, but never both, upgrading to a large increases the benefits that already exists, better kits, more shop items, and so on, but getting a second trait adds more options, like a trader/mercenary faction can buy key items to better arm the mercenary side of them and better offer there services and defend themselves better. Please note, a faction that adds a second trait has to split who can do what, meaning three people are traders, and three are mercenary.

Upgrading your faction either way gives you a total allowed six members, This includes the leader and if the leader picks a co leader.

NOTE: Trying to abuse the system in any way can lead to losing the right to be in a faction base, force change of faction style, dismemberment of the entire faction with no refund and more! DONT TRY TO CHEAT IT!

Faction Restrictions and benefits !

Factions each of a set of restrictions and benefits they must abide to such as.

Lets start with bandits, aloud to attack as they please their base may have hostile sentry’s, they can not trade with others at their base, but may seek trader factions or other players to trade in the safezone or at trader bases. Their kits are the most aggressive, but they lack any armor.

  • Limited to buying ammo for their kit gun, and a faction vehicle (pref with a gun, but not a cannon) and ammo for said vehicle.

Mercenary factions are the second most aggressive, their kits may have armor, but it will mean less firepower. They may have friendly or neutral sentry’s, and well not a kill on sight faction may be a threat and still push their way into an area if it means they can make a buck.

  • Limited to buying a little armor, ammo for their kit, and a faction vehicle plus an extra.

Traders, their kits may not have much for armor or firepower they make up with money, they may look to make a buck like a mercenary, but they prefer to get the coin from your pocket willing with rare and limited items, they may have
friendly or neutral sentry’s as well but should never attack a player in their faction first.

  • Limited based on their style, they may focus clothing, guns,buiding,raiding, ext and may pick a single high end gun or vehicle for only them to sell, first come first serve on these rights.

Helpers tend to have helpful supplies and attitude these guys want to be useful! following more of a farmer or medic feel. Kits are basic with only self defensive weapons in mind and items to heal or feed others. Limited to only friendly sentry’s.

  • Although not a trader may get access to meds food, or other neat supply’s to further their cause, and a few non lethal vehicle.

Each faction is aloud 8 sentry’s, a starting faction gets 3 vehicles aloud on base and 5 if they upgrade. All factions are allowed 3 “Admin stored” vehicles as well. All factions must have a “storehouse” a place where loot is stored and may be lost in a raid. All factions are aloud 4 storage a member, and also a /vault, Owners of a faction receive a larger /vault.


Factions once established may now call diplomatic actions! Please note this is the owners choice.

  • War- Stating another faction has pushed to many boundaries or simple not liked, a faction at war may kill eachother at sight, and after a 24hour period of wait from declaring war, may declare a raid!
  • Truces- Things are calming down, and its back to normal, the other faction must agree to this as well.
  • Ally- This means your friends! and if your friends you can not kill eachother on sight, in case of an accident let them tpa back and get their loot, mistakes do happen
  • Trading rights- As a trader this means to sell your key items to the faction at sale cost, only aloud to an ally.

Raiding may only happen on the weekends! contact Borris to make sure your time will work as a raid can only happen with an Admin Present!

Makeing money!

Because it may be hard to figure out ill tell you some tips to making money.

  • Sell metal scrap(id 67) and cloth(id 66)
  • Selling guns, if you cant sell it to the shop then try a player or trader faction!
  • Zombies, though not much each gives about 10 scrap and megas or boss’s give 500

There may be more options around as well, figure them out or ask around!